No other realtor, group or company offers you a property manager, licensed contractor and real estate agent working together providing a service above and beyond what is traditionally been expected when selling, managing or renting your home. 

Your Time Is Limited

If you're a landlord you know how frustrating it can be to call an electrician for a simple doorbell fix or a plumber for a stubborn toilet flapper only to pay a $100-$200 service fee simply for them to come out and take a look, if you can get them to come out at all.

What makes our company unique and cost effective, is that we keep all repairs, maintenance, renovations and real estate needs in-house.  Unlike others, we don't need to call anyone else. 

Good Hands Property Care is your home's personal:

Handyman, Painter, Plumber, Electrician, Contractor, Home Watcher and

Superintendent as well as providing you with a full time

Real Estate Professional all at your disposal.

"I quickly found out that perspective tenants find higher value in a home that is managed by a team of professionals.

Landlords happily discover that our services are easily absorbed into their budgets." - John Rapicano

A Smarter Way To Save

‚Äč"Many first-time clients start out thinking that being a landlord is just about collecting rent or answering the occasional problematic phone call .

That quickly changes at 2am when your tenant has no power or heat and you're  on vacation."

The formation of our property care concept was created from a discussion between a eighteen-year seasoned realtor John Rapicano and a thirty- year dependable local contractor

Joe Cucchiara who met in 2006 during a real estate transaction.

We both had high demand as well as numerous requests to combine our skills and knowledge to give home owners, landlords and investors an innovativeONE CALL- SOLUTIONin all facets of home ownership, sales, rentals, renovations and property maintenance.

When a home owner is thinking about selling or renting their home, traditional realtors / companies typically point out items in need of repair, maintenance or upgrading. Often that's combined with things you may already need help with. Traditional realtors can only leave you a list of people to call or say "I know this guy."


The difference is they have no control over the costs of who they recommend, quality of work they perform or most importantly their / your schedule. Ever try getting a plumber to fix a drippy faucet or an electrician to replace one faulty light switch without it being a hassle of being home? 

That's where our unique business model differs because simply,

"We Are Those Guys Too"  

John, Heather and Joe along with their respected teams, are at work the next day around your schedule, budget and goals.

All consultations are met with our complete team leaders so there is no ambiguity of what will be done next or the cost. Clients simply hand over the keys and are free to focus on other important matters at moving or traveling.

One Call, One Team, One Goal     

Something Different, Something Better

Home sale value analysis*

Home rental value analysis*

Lease preparations and renewals*

Tenant background check*

Concierge service

Prep your home for sale or rent

Vacation services (bonded)

Vacant home check-ups

Mail & package collections

Relocation needs*
Home repairs (fully licensed)




Snow removal

Home & emergency generators

Smart home systems

Security camera hook up 

Home networking

Home clean-outs

Assisting seniors

24/7 emergency help

and much more...

Actual Live Picture Taken During Our House Check Service. Pets, Plants, Fish? No problem.

Contact us today for a customized plan to fit your property and budget. 


* These specific services are performed by John Rapicano ABR, SFR, Licensed NJ Realtor/Broker under NJ Real Estate Laws and guidelines.

Some Of The Services We Provide

Fully Licensed, Bonded and Insured 

*Real Estate *Repairs *Management

Team Leaders:

Heather Lovecchio: Manager / Investor / Real Estate Agent  

  John Rapicano: Pres. /Realtor-Broker / Property Manager 

 Joe Cucchiara: Lead Contractor / Investor/ Repair Specialist

Relocation, Vacancy or Traveling Abroad

Whether it's a job relocation or perhaps you're traveling for long periods of time, we're there checking-in with daily/weekly emails and photos. 

Our smart phone technology alerts us immediately while we monitor / control things like your house temperature, burglar alarms, AC, water, lights, security cameras, etc. 24/7.

We do much then a simple walk-through, and if we find trouble, we're already there ready to deal with the issue immediately.  

"Many home owners leave us a punch list of items they would like to address. Larger jobs and renovations, painting, etc are not a problem." - Heather Lovecchio

Many home owners don't look forward to the challenges of vetting good tenants or keeping fussy tenants happy, in addition to maintaining a safe and attractive property on their own. 

Have Other Maintenance Services Relationships You Use, HVAC, Sprinklers, Landscaping, Cleaning People, Etc?

We're there checking-in making sure the job is being done right and if needed, paid for directly by us.

Good Hands Property Care  takes the burden off your shoulders, handling all your property needs in addition to offering lower repair costs as we keep repairs in-house.