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why landlords should hire a property manager

Actual client /tenant calls GHPC responded to that may seem small but provides tremendous value and peace of mind.

"I locked myself out...again"

"There is a groundhog on top of my garage!"

"I cant reach to change a light bulb"

"My car wont start"

"Cant understand how to turn on heat, programmable thermostat?"

"My cleaning person set off the alarm"

"Can you check to see if my package is out in the rain?"

"My cat locked us out"

"Theses shower controls are confusing, how do I turn on?"

"Can you give me a ride home my car is in the shop"

"My hot water is to hot"

"I forgot to water my plants"

" I need to fly to Hawaii tomorrow...Help"

"My fish need attention" 

"My cable box is out"

"Can you set my automatic lights up?"

 and many more...

Our vacant home checklists comes with and email and pictures

Seasonal servicing  


Preventative maintenance 

LED lighting, the new standard

Repairs or maintenance while you're away

Smart-Home networking and security

(see and control your home on your smart phone)

Helping seniors

(make their home a better place to live)

Understanding expatriate needs while traveling abroad 


And so much more...


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Our business model is simple yet unique combining licensed contractors with local realtors to list, sell, lease, manage or repair your home.  One Call = One Solution.